Who typically sells to our team?

Working professionals, Landlords, Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Job Transferees, you name it, we’ve helped them!  We serve anyone looking for a fair offer on their home.

What is a ‘Pretty’ House?

A home that is in move-in condition.

Do You Buy All Types of Homes? Condos, Townhomes, Mobile Homes… etc.

Generally yes.  We, however, reserve the right to decline properties if we do not have the capacity for them.  Best to do a quick call to see if we can help. 

Does my home need to be in move-in condition?

No. We buy homes in ALL conditions.

Are the Ugly home people the same as you?  Or the Yellow Sign People the same as you? 

No. We run a very unique program, resulting in helping a lot of sellers.  We can’t speak to what other investors do or don’t do. It's best for us to do a quick call to see if we can help you. 

Will You Pay Market Value For My House?

We start with Comparable Sales in your area to determine Fair Market Value.  From there, we evaluate the condition of your property, with you so there are no surprises. We also consider your Circumstances so we can create the best offer for your situation.  Not all situations are the same therefore we feel its most fair to you to do the onsite walkthrough and then come to an agreeable value of your property together.

What is the process?

  1. Quick Phone Call
  2. Walk Through The House with You
  3. Present an offer
  4. If agreeable, we do paperwork
  5. We close on the property

Any Fees for The Onsite Walk Through? 

None. Our offer is NO Obligation.  

I have more questions.  What do I do next?

Call us at (414) 420-0603

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